5 Signs Your Gutters Need Professional Cleaning

Clogged Gutters? Signs It’s Time to Call the Pros

Gutters – we don’t think about them, until we do. And usually when we do notice them, it’s because something’s very wrong. Clogged, damaged gutters are no joke. They can cause major problems for your home if not dealt with quickly, and DIY cleaning can be tricky and even dangerous. Let’s dig into the telltale signs that it’s time to give Family Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning a call.

1. Overflowing Water: The Not-So-Pretty “Waterfall” Effect

Ever seen your gutters transform into miniature waterfalls during rain? That’s a surefire sign of serious blockage! Clogged gutters can’t handle the water flow, so it spills over the edges. This can do a number on your landscaping and potentially lead to water damage around your home’s foundation.

2. Birds, Squirrels, Oh My! Pests Love Messy Gutters

Gutters full of leaves, twigs, and other debris are critter condos. Birds build nests, squirrels stash their loot, and insects create breeding grounds – none of which you want near your roofline. If you hear scratching, chirping, or buzzing up there, it’s time for a professional cleaning.

3. Plants in Your Gutters?

Seeing plants sprouting from your gutters is a major red flag. Seeds can get blown in, find cozy pockets of rotting leaves and debris, and voila – you’ve got a rooftop garden! Plant roots can wreak havoc on your gutter system and allow water to leak into your fascia boards.

4. Staining and Sagging: The Unsightly Side Effects

Overflowing water often leaves streaks of dirt or mildew on your siding, making your home look worse for wear. And all that extra weight from clogged gutters can cause them to pull away from your house – ouch! That’s damage you don’t want to put off fixing.

5. Long Time, No Clean? Better Safe Than Sorry

Can’t remember the last time your gutters got cleaned? Best to play it safe! At least twice a year is the general rule – here in Naperville, with all the trees, more often might be needed.

Why Go Pro? Experience the Family Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning Difference

Sure, you could grab a ladder and try to DIY your gutter cleaning. But let’s be real…

  • Safety Matters: Falls from ladders are a major home-injury risk, especially up on the roof.
  • The Right Tools: We have all the specialized gear to get all the gunk out without damaging your gutters.
  • Hidden Damage: We’ll check for loose sections, rotting fascia boards, and other issues you might miss.

Thinking about getting your gutters cleaned? Let’s chat! Have questions about how often is best or concerns about your home specifically? We’d love to help you!

Feel free to grab a quote, give us a call, or shoot us an email – we’re your Naperville gutter experts!

Let’s get those gutters flowing freely. Share this with your neighbors, and help them spot potential problems, too!

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